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The Importance of Dress Rehearsal: Preparing for a Confident Performance

Many often wonder about the importance of a Dress Rehearsal for their dancer and why the studio plans it prior to festival season. Comfort and familiarity are keys to a confident performance. Having a Dress Rehearsal gives the chance for all our dancers to feel ready to perform in April and May.

  • The stage is much larger than our studio rooms. Practicing on stage allows teachers to help fix spacing and make sure that all transitions, entrances and exits work. It also allows us to make sure no adjustments need to be made to costumes, accessories or props.

  • The stage and the lights are exciting for younger dancers- this can sometimes lead to distraction. Getting them on stage one more time prior to their festival performances will allow them to get used to this new space a little bit more.

  • Dancers often rely on the mirrors in the studio to help them. Dancing on stage without the mirror and the familiarity of the studio is a big step and allows each family to see their dancers progress with their routine so far. Dancers will watch the video playback in class with their teachers to see which sections of the dance went went and which areas need more review prior to spring break.

  • Finally it a fun way to celebrate your team and their hard work so far this season and show their commitment to their fellow dancers. When dancers miss rehearsal it can be very confusing for the rest of the team as they work through their formations.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our dancer’s on stage at Dress Rehearsal! Further information is found in your February newsletter as well as posted on the BAND group for your child’s class. If you have any questions please email the office!

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