Why is Recital Important?

Festivals may be over but we still have an extremely important performance left: Year End Recital. This is our chance to celebrate the talent of our studio together one final time for the 2018-2019 dance season.

Over the coming weeks dancers, in Beginner classes through to Adult, will be working on a special number that will include everyone in the studio on stage for the last number of the show. It is really important that your dancer continues to attend class for the month of May as we want them to perform their Finale number as confidently as they can.

Why is attending recital important for your dancer?

They have been preparing for this day since September! They have been working hard for 9 months! Performing at Year End Recital gives your child another opportunity to perform with their team and receive the recognition they deserve for their hard-work over the last 9 months in class.

They are part of a team! Teachers choreograph, plan and map out a visual performance in October with the whole team in mind for their final performance in May. It can also cause confusion during the performance as children grow accustomed to having their neighbours there.

Just as it is hard for a sport team to be playing a person short, the same is true with a dance group!

They get to show off their progress! Recitals provide a chance for your children (and you!) to reflect upon where they’ve “come from” when watching student who are new to dance.

Progress at the dance can sometimes feel slow, but watching other students perform reminds your children of the gains they have made and motivates them to continue to progress.

They can see where they can get to! Recitals provide a chance for your children (and you!) to see “where they’ll go” when watching more advanced students. There are few things more motivating to a dancer than watching their peers perform.

They get to see more advanced technique first-hand and experience the pride that comes from being part of a GIANT dance family supporting each other backstage and throughout the theatre.

They build a sense of community! Recitals provide an opportunity for your child to get to know his or her peers who are also taking classes at the studio and might not have realized it yet.

Making these connections helps to build community within a studio and helps your child to feel as though he or she belongs to the full studio team.

We are excited to see all our dancers shine on stage May 25th and 26th!

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