Welcome Back!

We would like to welcome all the students and their families to Dance Moves III for another successful year of dancing. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting Dance Moves III and look forward to being a part of your dance journey.

We have many new and exciting initiatives planned for this dance season and we thank you for choosing our studio to be the platform for your dance education. Kids enrolled in dance classes not only benefit from physical activity, but also dancing fosters creativity and helps to build self-confidence and poise. Our dancers will hopefully learn teamwork from day one, and by adding an extra-curricular activity it gives them the opportunity to meet others with similar interests outside of their regular school environment.

Our staff is dedicated to the well being of each and every student, and is currently assessing each of our classes to determine the best possible placement for each of our dancer's personal growth and success. We made changes to the schedule over the weekend and will continue to do so if they are required throughout the month of September. Please be patient with this process and contact your child’s teacher for any updates and feedback.

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