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See, Say, Do, Play

The goal in our preschool classes is to provide an enriched environment for all our dancers. Offering a multi-sensory experience ensures we are reaching multiple different learning styles.

" A multi sensory environment develops axons that are myelinated; therefore, they communicate more smoothly with one another. Neurons that fire together, wire together, creating stronger connections in the brain. The enriched environment involving the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile senses through problem solving, relevant projects, complex activities and critical thinking"

~ Anne Green Gilbert (2019) Brain Compatible Dance Education, Human Kinetics

👀 We SEE the class concept through a teaching visual or prop for our visual learners

👂 We SAY the class objective for our auditory learners

💪 We get up and DO the class objective with our bodies for the kinaesthetic learners

🖐️ We add props (or tactile feedback) to PLAY with and explore class objectives for our tactile learners

Credit: Thank you Discover Dance for continuing to create great resources for us to share with our families!

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