First Day Of Dance

Our 21st season gets started on September 13th, 2021. We are looking forward to hopefully some brighter days ahead after the challenges our dancers were presented with and conquered during the last two seasons.

Looking to make your back to dance week a little smoother? Here are some of our favourite tips to help make the transition back to your fall schedule easier

1) Be sure you know where the studio is: If you have never been to our location be sure to take a drive before classes so you know where you are heading that first day. We are located just across the street from the Royal Bank and next door to the Bear's Den. Parking is available on the street in front as well as in the lot between our building and Drayden Insurance.

2) Pack your dance bag the night before: Avoid the after school panic of not being able to find your dance shoes and have everything packed the night before. If you need to order any attire or shoes please email Miss Kerri and she can give you a hand

3) Arrive about 5-10 minutes before dance class: This will give you enough time to park and walk up to the studio without having to rush

4) Be sure to be back about 5 minutes before the end of your dancers class: This is especially important for our younger dancer so they are not concerned. Having a familiar face there up right away helps settle their worries about who is going to be there to pick them up.

And most importantly : Enjoy the moment! Dance season is here! If you are looking for a fun way to capture some memories feel free to download some fun First Day Of Dance Signs below

First Day Of Dance pdf
Download PDF • 137KB

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