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Festival 101- Rehearsal Room

Please meet your teacher and/or student teacher 1 hour prior to their performance time in the rehearsal room ready to dance.

  • We will post rehearsal room locations in BAND the week of each festival!

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Festivals can run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule. It is very important that your dancer is in on time so that they can properly warm up and rehearse before going on stage

  • If your dancer misses group run through in the rehearsal room it will be up to teacher discretion whether or not to let them dance

  • Please make sure to go to the washroom before coming to the rehearsal room.

  • Ready to dance means:

  • Hair done ( touch ups too, hair accessory in if needed)

  • Make up done ( touch ups too)

  • dance shoes, tights and costume on

  • no extras- jackets, outdoor shoes, water bottles

  • Please make sure your dancer walks around the outside of the room as there will be groups rehearsing their numbers- we do not want to walk through the middle of the run through

  • Space in the rehearsal room is limited as many studios will be running their number through. Please take pictures in the hallway or in the theatre lobby.

  • Parents are not permitted to remain in the rehearsal room. Once your dancer has found their group please go grab a seat in the audience and get ready to watch your dancer shine!

  • If your teacher is not there exactly an hour ahead please start stretching and warming up. They will be there as soon as possible as they are more than likely with another group. Please do not go looking for your teacher- we will come to you in the rehearsal room.

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