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Festival 101- In The Audience

Please be sure to share this with anyone coming to watch your dancer!

  • Turn off all cellphones, iPads and tablets.

  • No food or drink in the theatre- Water may be permitted by the theatre, please check the lobby for signage

  • Do not enter or exit the theatre while music is playing

  • Do not sit in the area of the theatre that is roped off for the adjudicator

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO is permitted. This could result in our group and possibly the studio being disqualified

  • No excessive screaming, whistling, cheering etc... as this could lead to disqualification. Please cheer for everyone with the same enthusiasm.

  • Do not approach a judge or festival staff with questions or comments regarding the adjudication mark or awards. Questions and concerns must be submitted in writing to Miss Jessica :

  • Please be aware and do not sit in the roped off section of the area surrounding the adjudicator

  • If you decide to watch before or after with your dancer please make sure their costume is covered up or bring them street clothes to change into

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