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Do you know the difference between the styles of tights?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The 3 most commonly used styles of tights at our studio are: full foot, convertible and footless

Full Foot

  • The standard tight

  • They cover the entire foot and leg

  • Great if your dancer doesn't have any shoe changes during their evening of classes or on performance day

  • Amazing option for beginner dancers through to senior


  • Tight ends at the ankle and is finished nicely with a band to hold it in place

  • Used by all of our dancers in an acro class- footless tights are key for safety in acro classes

  • Occasionally used for performances based on teacher preference- usually by teen dancers in modern or contemporary routines


  • Best of both worlds

  • Full foot tight that has a nicely finished opening in the ball of the foot

  • Allows dancers to roll up the tight to ankle length and create footless tights or over the toes for a full foot fit

  • Handy for dancers who have multiple classes in one evening. They can change from footless for acro, full foot for jazz and back to footless with socks for hip hop

  • Also great for dancers who like to change into flip flops after or between performances without having to take off their tights

  • Please note: Convertible tights are not suitable for performances needing footless tights. When rolled up convertible tights leave a noticeable roll and can come untucked. Which is why we suggest going with a footless tights if you are needing them for stage

If you are needing any help finding which tights are needed for your dancers class please don't hesitate to reach out to Miss Kerri @

Place your tight order online here:

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