Dancing Through A Pandemic

While the world still feels wobbly as we head into our third season with pandemic related uncertainty it may have some hesitant to return to dance and extra curricular activities. By closely watching our dancers and our industry during the last 18 months we can’t believe how much we have conquered. What have we learnt during this unprecedented time?

  • Dance studios are safe places. From discussions with our other studio colleagues most studios are going above and beyond the COVID protocols and cleaning procedures given to our industry. We are still working hard to keep that momentum going that was built last year.

  • To appreciate the chance to get to class each and every week. Although we were grateful for the ability to still be able to provide some normalcy with online classes during shutdowns nothing matches being in the studio rooms with our dancers. Getting the chance to move our bodies every week has many benefits for our mental and physical health. Being able to see our dance classmates and teachers helps foster friendships and relationships.

  • To savour those moments under the stage lights a little longer. It was also incredible to see the excitement and passion when we were able to safely get on stage in May and June

  • In a world of unknowns, dance can provide some predictability- Our staff works hard to give the dancers a home away from home. Giving them a comfortable space to come to each week while giving them the support they need to try something new.

If you are wondering about our COVID protocols and plans for the year please do not hesitate to reach out. One of our office team would be more than happy to give you a call to discuss further prior to registering

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