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What Time Do We Meet Our Teacher?

Dance Moves 3

1 hour before your category time- fully ready to dance in the rehearsal room

Please meet your teacher 1 hour prior to their performance time in the rehearsal room ready to dance

  • Please take your dancer to the bathroom before you meet your teacher.

  • Ready to dance means:

    • Hair done (touch ups too, hair accessory in if needed)

    • Make up done ( touch ups too)

    • dance shoes, tights and costume on

    • no extras- jackets, outdoor shoes, water bottles

  • Please make sure to walk around the outside of the room as there will be groups rehearsing their numbers- we do not want to walk through the middle of the run through

  • Parents/guardians are not permitted in the rehearsal room. Please drop your dancer off at the door then you can head to get a seat in the theatre

  • Space in the rehearsal room is limited as many studios will be running their number through. Please take pictures in the hallway or in the theatre lobby.

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