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What is Adjudication?

Dance Moves 3

Adjudication is when the dancers will receive some feedback from the adjudicator on stage along with their medal award

  • You will see in the program once you arrive there are multiple groups dancing in their category ( aka when their performance time is set to start)

  • Each group will perform once

  • While they are waiting for Adjudication they will remain backstage with the teachers

  • After all groups have danced all the dancers will return to the stage for Adjudication and Awards

  • Please leave your dancer in the costume they performed in (unless they have to make a quick change to another one). If they have a quick change they need to have their second costume neatly covered with a jacket.

  • After they get their medal and adjudication is complete dancers are free to go. Please make sure you have a plan of where you are meeting your dancer after and remind them of that before you drop them off.

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