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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Dance Moves 3

Some reminders before you arrive for your first performance of the season

Every single dancer works very hard to perform. Every parent wants their child to do well and be noticed. Every dance teacher works diligently so that their students perform to the best of their ability. Everybody at a dance festival has at least all of that in common.

Therefore everyone (student, parent, or teacher) should clap for every single routine and every single award given if you are present in the theatre. Teachers and parents will set the example. Remind your dancer in advance how important it is to wish others good luck and clap for other dancers. Appreciate every child for putting passion and hard work into their dances .

Please keep ALL of your personal comments to yourself. Sitting in an audience, chatting in the lobby, visiting outside, you never know who may be sitting behind or beside your overhearing your remarks. This can lead to immediate disqualification of your dancer, their group and/or studio.

Any concerns regarding a festival, a different studio, etc. must be addressed with Miss Jessica in writing, who will then follow festival protocol and submit the concern in writing to the festival organizer.

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