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Rehearsal Hall

Dance Moves 3

Dancers will meet their teacher 1 hour before their category time ready to dance in the rehearsal hall

There will be signage up in each theatre indicating where the Rehearsal Hall is. Depending on the facility it may change daily so please be sure to follow the signs.

Festivals have an area that studios and dancers can warm up and go over their routines prior to their performance. Please be respectful of others while they are practising. Please walk around the outside of the room and not through the middle interrupting others rehearsing.

  • You will meet your teacher 1 hour prior to their category time ready to dance (hair and make up done, costume on, shoes on, accessories pinned and in place)

  • Do not leave bags or personal items in rehearsal hall. Please use the dressing rooms provided.

  • NO CELL PHONES! Dancers are to leave their cell phones with their family or in the dressing room.

Parents are not allowed in the rehearsal hall, except to pick up their dancer after they’ve performed. This space is for students and teachers.

Parents are not permitted to practice their child(ren) routines in rehearsal hall – please leave this for the instructor as it adds unnecessary stress for your dancer.

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