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In The Audience

Dance Moves 3

There are a few theatre and festival rules that need to be observed. Breaking any of these rules could result in the group and/or studio being disqualified.

Please be courteous in the theater:

  • turn off cell phones

  • do not enter the theater when music is playing

  • do not walk up and down aisles while dancers are performing on stage

  • and please applaud everyone with the same genuine expression

  • do not sit in the roped off section around the adjudicator

Dancers must wear a cover up over their costume when inside the auditorium.

NO PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEO of any kind is allowed in the theater, this includes video. If you are caught, you risk disqualifying the dancers and studio you represent.

NEVER approach a judge/adjudicator with questions or comments regarding an adjudication or mark. This will lead to immediate disqualification of your dancer and/or studio.

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