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Dressing Rooms

Dance Moves 3

Be sure to only bring what you need that day to festival. There are lots of dancers coming and going all day and we want to be mindful of everyone's space

Be mindful of everyone’s space: Throw your trash away, don’t touch anything that isn’t yours, don’t practice dances full out in the dressing rooms.

Only bring what you need each day for festival. Leave your largest Dream Duffel/ Rack and Roll bags at home/hotel to make sure there is lots of space for the other dancers attending.

Only females are permitted in the female dressing room. Only males are permitted in the male dressing rooms. If needed please email the office and we can help you make arrangements with a different dance parent to help get your dancer ready if needed.

Please get ready as much as possible at home. Hair and make up should be done before arriving. Ideally, dancer just be slipping their costume and shoes on at the venue.

There are NO PHOTOS to be taken inside dressing rooms. It is a change room and we need to be respectful of others and their privacy. Please save selfies and photos of your dancer for the lobby.

All dancers must change in change rooms provided and not public washrooms. This can lead to disqualification of you/your studio.

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